The project gave SFI, AM and ArtMill the opportunity to showcase how the three business work together in harmony. The uniforms, which consisted of a matching chore coat, jeans and T-shirt, were designed in-house at SFI. The fabric was woven by AM and finished at ArtMill. The third piece in the uniform was a matching T-shirt, which was dyed at SFI and screenprinted in Los Angeles.

At Kingpins’ request, the uniforms were designed to be as sustainable as possible. That meant recycled cotton fabric (using raw materials sourced from AM’s recycling facility Circular Park), AM’s sustainable PureColor dyes, which are made from sustainably sourced minerals. The SFI design team also sourced non-electroplated hardware, including custom logo buttons, for the jacket and jeans. The tees were also dyed with PureColor dyes and were printed using sustainable Nature Coatings Bio Black pigment, which is made from wood waste, rather than the traditional petroleum. The SFI team considered the lifecycle of the garments, as well, designing the pieces to work for any gender, to fit a range of sizes and to be able to continue to be worn after the trade show.