Clear Fade + Clear Vintage: Sustainable + Authentic
Clear Fade + Clear Vintage: Sustainable + Authentic
Jan 5, 2022

Everyone loves a classic vintage stonewash, a retro acid wash or a super-light finish – but everyone hates how they’re achieved. With SFI’s Clear Fade and Clear Vintage wash technologies, denim makers can get the same look using less water, fewer chemicals and no pumice stone.

Clear Fade uses a special powder rather than chlorine or potassium permanganate to recreate the look of a bleached or acid-wash finish. 

Clear Vintage uses a waterless aging compound and laser finishing to create the look of vintage stonewashed denim.

The processes are backed by ZDHC certifications. In tests conducted by AM, it was determined that the Clear Fade process resulted in a 32 percent decrease in water consumption; a 16 percent reduction in energy usage; a 37 percent reduction in the chemical impact, and a 30 percent reduction in worker impact.