SFI + EBD: Unraveled Two Launch
SFI + EBD: Unraveled Two Launch
Jan 5, 2022

When EB Denim founder Elena Bonvicini was looking to expand her upcycled vintage denim aesthetic into a new collection, she came to SFI, where our designers helped her create the Unraveled Two, EB’s first-ever original jean. Together, they helped Elena recreate the details from her signature upcycled, one-of-a-kind Unraveled jean into a sustainable style developed from fabric to finishing to final product by SFI for EB Denim.

This was also an opportunity for SFI to showcase its nearshoring capabilities and highlight made-in-America production and finishing.  SFI helped EB Denim bring its unique and unapologetic designs to the next level by working with Artistic Milliners (AM) to source sustainable fabrics and responsible chemistry; enlisting SFI’s design team and wash experts; and then engaging with local Los Angeles-based production partners to create the final product, which will be sold at Revolve, Bergdorf Goodman, Holt Renfrew, and Selfridges.

The first step of a planned expansion into a full collection made from denim developed for EB by AM, the Unraveled Two is made of sustainable fabric featuring organic and recycled cotton, washed with low-water, low-energy, low environmental impact chemicals and techniques and produced locally in Los Angeles.

“Sustainability should be an afterthought for the consumer, it is the brand’s responsibility, not a marketing strategy. This is a huge step for our growth — I am so excited about the limitlessness.” — Elena Bonvicini, EB Denim’s founder and lead designer

To kick off the launch, Elena invited key influencers to a wash workshop and factory tour at SFI to give them a first look at the Unraveled Two and see how it went from concept to final product.